Serbia visa information and travel requirements for Bangladeshis

Serbia is a cold country situated in the south-eastern area of Europe. The country is at the heart of the pronounced Balkan Peninsula. Of all its 7 million citizens, the vast majority are Serbs (Serbian Natives), and the rest belonging to one of the various 40 national communities.
Serbia is composed of happy, emotional, and hospitable people. Most Serbians have a sensitivity for amazing sportsmanship, traditions, and a large cultural legacy which betters the entire European culture. No doubt Serbia is a very interesting country to visit. In cities like Belgrade or Novi Sad, you can count on the exciting nightlife they offer which is an irresistible feature for most of its international visitors.
From recent records, the average number of international visitors to Serbia since 2009 is at about 86,854. With 2018 recording the largest number of international visitors with about 227126 international visitors. There is no doubt that Serbia will continue to see an increase in the number of international visitors.
For Bangladeshis living in Bangladesh planning to do business, enter, visit or transit through Serbia are required to obtain a Serbia visa before they can be eligible to visit Serbia.

Serbian Visa Types, Processing Time And Duration



Tourist15 to 20 days3 Months
Business15 to 20 days3 Months
Short Stay15 to 20 days30 to 90 days
Transit15 to 20 daysUp to 6 months
Temporary Residence15 to 20 days 6 months

Suggested Visa Type for Different Individuals:

For anyone planning a visit to Serbia, you can obtain the following types of Serbian visas; business, tourist, short stay and transit visa. As a Bangladeshi, you submit an application for any of these visa types by visiting the Serbian embassy or diplomatic-consular closest to you with your completed document.

  • Business Visa: If you want to do any business in Serbia, this is the perfect visa type for you. However, one important criterion to note is that you need a valid letter invitation from a business or organization in Serbia.
  • Student visa: If you are planning to study in one of Serbia’s schools, the right visa to obtain is the student visa. Although you will need to provide a valid proof of admission from the school.
  • Tourist Visa: If you are planning a vacation to Serbia, then, a tourist visa is a perfect fit for you. Although an important requirement is that you provide a valid proof of payment from your travel agency in Serbia.
  • Short stay visa: If you want to just visit a family member or friend living in Serbia, you need to obtain the short-stay visa to be eligible to visit your loved one. This visa type requires a valid Government-issued letter of invitation.
  • Transit Visa: You can obtain this visa when you are planning to transit through Serbia to another country. This visa gives you the eligibility to change planes from a Serbian airport to another country provided you are permitted to enter into that particular country. 
  • Temporary Residence Visa: If you wish to live in Serbia for a particular period of time. Therefore, the temporary residence visa is what you need to apply for this visa type gives you the eligibility to live in Serbia temporarily. Although one important

General Requirements for Serbian Visa for Indians

  • A valid travel document is required or a valid bilateral agreed identity card by the Government of Serbia
  • Proof of sufficient funds for a minimum of €50 per day expenditure for each day of stay should be provided.
  • Proof of vaccination or clearance notes that the visa applicant does not have a contagious disease when visiting from any pandemic disease-affected areas, as stated by the Ministry of Health.
  • In the case of underage children, certified authorization is needed from either a single parent when the child is travelling with the other parent or both parent when the child is travelling with a third party.
  • Health insurance money is recommended for the period of stay with a minimum of €20,000

How to Apply for Serbia Visa

To apply for a Serbian visa, follow these simple steps;

  • Step 1: Ensure you have satisfied all the general requirements and have all the required documents ready.
  • Step 2: Download the visa application form from the Republic of Serbia Ministry of Foreign Affairs website and it out accurately and completely.
  • Step 3: Visit the nearest Serbian diplomatic-consular or embassy to you.
  • Step 4: Pay the visa fee.
  • Step 5: Go for your scheduled visa interview/appointment.
  • Step 6: Wait for your visa application process to be completed.

To download the official Serbia visa application form, follow this link:

After downloading the form, all you need to do is fill it out correctly then, submit with the other requirements to the nearest diplomatic-consular (embassy) to you. Please, you need to note that the diplomatic-consulate can request for additional documents and if the application form is not filled correctly or completely your visa application may be rejected.

Tourist Visa:

  • The tourist visa is for anyone planning a vacation to the country.
  • It is only valid for a maximum of 3 months and it typically takes 15 to 20 business days for it to be processed. The visa is for a single entry.
  • This visa allows you to visit any of the exotic locations you like in the country.
  • To be eligible for this visa, one major criterion you will be required to provide proof of payment from the travel agency you patronized.

Business Visa:

  • If you are looking to do business in any part of Serbia, the Business visa is a perfect fit.
  • To get this type of visa you have to allow 15 to 20 business for the processing time, and it is only valid for 3 months. Additionally, the visa only allows for a single entry.
  • With this visa you are allowed to conduct only the business you stated when you are filling the visa application form.
  • To be perfectly eligible for this type of visa you need to provide a valid letter of invitation from a company or industry in Serbia.

Short Stay Visa:

  • Planning to visit your family member or friend in Serbia? The perfect visa to apply for is the short-stay visa.
  • The validity period of this visa is 30 to 90 days.
  • With this visa, you cannot conduct any form of business or take up any job during your stay in the country.
  • A major criterion to get this visa is by making sure you have a valid government-issued letter of invitation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Serbia. 

Transit Visa:

  • If you want to pass through Serbia to another country, all you need to apply for is a transit visa.
  • The validity period of this visa is 6 months but you are only allowed 5 days stay on each transit.
  • With this visa, you are not permitted to enter the country which means you can only stay at the airport.
  • An important requirement is that you provide valid proof that you are eligible to enter the destination country.

Temporary Residence Visa:

  • If you wish to live in Serbia for a limited period, you are required to obtain the temporary residence visa.
  • Unlike the short-stay visa, this visa type gives you the opportunity to stay in Serbia for more than 90 days. The validity period is agreed upon during the visa application process.
  • With this visa, you are eligible to do business and visit any part of the country for the speculated validity period.
  • One major requirement you need to consider for this visa type is the provision of a valid proof of reasons. 

Entry (Student) Visa:

  • If you want to study in Serbia, the right visa to apply for is the student visa.
  • The visa comes with a validity period that covers the study period. The application process is typically 15 to 20 business days.
  • This visa gives you the ability to study in Serbia.
  • One major criterion required for this visa type is that you provide a valid Letter from the educational institution you gained admission indicating your purpose and length of stay in Serbia.

Serbia Visa Fees

Visa TypeTotal fees for a single entry (RSD)Total fees for multiple entries (RSD)
Business16,800 17,500

Reasons for Visa Denial/Rejection:

A visa application or entry in Serbia can be denied based on the following factors such as;

  • Lack of valid documents.
  • Insufficient fund for a period of stay. The minimum amount required is €50 per day for the duration of stay.
  • If the requirements to enter into the third country is not met when in transit.
  • If a certificate of vaccination or any other proof of sound health is not provided when coming from different areas affected by an outbreak of communicable diseases, determined by the information given by the Ministry of Health;
  • In the case where he/she has an international criminal record.
  • Finally, if the authorities have any reason to believe that the visit we will be used for a different purpose from the one originally stated.

To avoid your visa being rejected you need to ensure that: 

  • A properly filled the visa application form is provided.
  • Only valid documents are provided.
  • Do not falsify any document or part of the application form.

Serbian Visa Application Centres in Bangladesh

AddressPhone numberFaxEmail

Serbian Honorary Consulate in Dhaka, Bangladesh

House 27, Road 5, Nikunja 1
Dhaka 1229
(+880) 2-890 0023
(+880) 2-896 2293
(+880) 2-791 2223
(+880) 2-892 4163

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of visa extensions are available in Serbia?

In Serbia, you can apply to get an extension for any kind of visa type you have. One major requirement is that you must have a valid reason or reasons why you want an extension.

If I get rejected or denied, what should I do?

When your visa is denied or rejected, in most cases you are required to re-apply for the visa but you have to ensure that you check and recheck what might be the problem when your visa got rejected.

What is the cost of living in Serbia?

Serbia is a very affordable place to live compared to other European countries. The cost of living is cheaper including the drink, food, rent, and transport. The capital, Belgrade is a little bit more expensive compared to smaller Serbian cities, but still very much affordable than major European cities such as Paris, London, Copenhagen, Rome,  and more. 

What are the red flags to avoid when visiting Serbia?

As a foreigner visiting Serbia, one big mistake you can make is talking about politics as it can spark up arguments. Additionally, another mistake is talking about wars or the Russian-Us debate. 

Can I reschedule my visa appointment?

Yes. But just once. If there is a need to reschedule more than once you will be required to pay the visa fee again.

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