Jamaica visa information and travel requirements for Indians

Jamaica is a country situated in the Caribbean and it is the third-largest country in the Caribbean. Since the country is an Island you can expect exotic beaches and fun spots for sightseeing. Jamaicans are happy and welcoming people, therefore, you are sure to enjoy your stay in the country. No doubt, because of its cultural heritage and resources, Jamaica sees a lot of international visitors. Although small the country’s cultural influence has been immense.

Recent records show that the average number of international visitors to Jamaica since 1995 till date is at about 232,290 visitors. You can be sure that Jamaica will continuously have more international visitors because of its beauty and heritage. 

For Indians planning to visit, enter, do business, or transit through Jamaica do not need to obtain a visa as the Government of Jamaica offers Indians visa-free entry.

Jamaican Visa Types, Processing Time And Duration



Tourist15 to 20 days14 to 30 Days
Entry (Student)15 to 20 daysValid for the period of study
Entry (Work) 15 to 20 daysAs stipulated in the confirmation letter
Entry (Spouse of Jamaican National)15 to 20 daysAs agreed upon in the visa application process
Entry (Permanent Resident)15 to 20 daysPermanent residency

Suggested Visa Type for Different Individuals:

If you are planning to visit Jamaica but do not know which visa type to apply for, check below to see which of the visa types fits into your need. 

  • Tourist Visa: If you are planning to go on a vacation in Jamaica, the perfect visa you should obtain is the tourist visa. An important criterion in obtaining this visa is that you need to provide a confirmed round-trip or onward airline ticket.
  • Entry (work) Visa: If you want to enter into Jamaica to work, you need to obtain this visa type. However, you will need to provide a valid letter from the Ministry of Labour approving your work permit or granting you an exemption.
  • Entry (student) visa: If you are planning to study in one of Jamaica’s schools, the right visa to obtain is the student visa. Although you will need to provide a valid proof of admission from the school.
  • Entry (Spouse of Jamaican National) Visa: This visa type is perfect for anyone planning to visit his/her Jamaican spouse. You will be required to provide a valid certificate of marriage. 
  • Entry (Permanent Residency) Visa: If you wish to permanently live in Jamaica, you will need to obtain this visa type. However, you are required to either be working in Jamaica for three years or more, married to a Jamaican National, eligible for retirement or a previous holder of the Unconditional Landing status given by virtue of marriage to a Jamaican national.

General Requirements for Jamaican Visa for Indians:

  • You must have a valid passport or another acceptable travel document. Additionally, your passport must have more than 60 days to expiration date from the day of entry.
  • You must be able to provide a signed and completed Immigration Landing Card.
  • You must provide a valid Certificate of Identity.
  • You must be able to provide a completed visa application form.
  • A valid medical certificate indicating you are free from any contagious disease if you are coming from areas affected by pandemic diseases.
  • Sufficient funds for the visa fee and period of stay in the country. 

How to Apply for Jamaican Visa:

Planning on applying for a Jamaican visa, follow these simple steps listed below;

  • Step 1: Ensure you have satisfied all the general requirements and have all the required documents ready.
  • Step 2: Download the visa application form from the Republic of Serbia Ministry of Foreign Affairs website and fill it out accurately and completely.
  • Step 3: Visit the nearest Jamaican diplomatic-consular or embassy to you.
  • Step 4: Pay the visa fee.
  • Step 5: Go for your scheduled visa interview/appointment.
  • Step 6: Wait for your visa application process to be completed.

To fill out the Jamaican visa form, download the form using this link: https://www.congenjamaica-ny.org/wp-content/members/admin/assets/pdf/JamaicanVisaApplicationForm.pdf

After you have downloaded the application form, you just need to correctly fill it out. Therefore, you submit the form with the other requirements to the closest diplomatic-consular or embassy to you. Additionally, you need to know that the consulate/embassy can ask you for extra documents and if you didn’t fill out the application form completely or correctly your visa application can be declined.

Tourist Visa:

  • This visa is valid for anyone planning to go on a vacation to Jamaica.
  • The visa comes with a validity period of 14 to 30 days depending on the agreed date during the visa application process. The application process is typically 15 to 20 business days and it has both single entry and multiple entries sub-types.
  • However, you are not permitted to do any kind of job with this visa.
  • One major criterion required for this visa type is that you provide a valid return and round-trip ticket.

Entry (Work) Visa:

  • If you want to work in Jamaica, you need to obtain a work visa.
  • The validity period of this visa is dependent on the agreed date during the visa application process. Moreover, after three years you are eligible to apply for a permanent residency in Jamaica.
  • With this visa, you are eligible to work and live in any part of the country.
  • The most important requirement for this visa type is that you provide a valid letter from the Jamaican Ministry of Labour approving work permit or exemption.

Entry (Student) Visa:

  • Do you want to study in Jamaica? The right visa to apply for is the student visa.
  • The visa comes with a validity period that covers the study period. The application process is typically 15 to 20 business days.
  • This visa gives you the ability to study in Jamaica.
  • One major criterion required for this visa type is that you provide a valid Letter from the educational institution you gained admission indicating your purpose and length of stay in Jamaica

Entry (Spouse of Jamaican National) Visa:

  • If you want to live with your spouse in Jamaica, this is the visa you need to obtain.
  • With this visa, you can gain permanent residency in Jamaica and will also be able to work in the country.
  • To obtain this kind of visa, you need to provide a valid marriage certificate, a valid copy of your spouse’s passport and birth certificate.

Entry (Permanent Residency) Visa:

  • If you to wish to work and live permanently in Jamaica, you need to apply for the permanent residency visa.
  • With this visa, you are eligible to permanently reside and work in Jamaica.
  • This visa type is only applicable for anyone who is married to a Jamaican, has worked in Jamaica for more than three years, wants to retire, or is a holder of the Unconditional Landing Status.
  • One major requirement you need to qualify for this visa is to provide either valid copy of your Jamaican spouse’s birth certificate and Jamaican passport or a valid Letter from Passport, Immigration and Citizenship Agency in Jamaica.  

Jamaican Visa fees

Visa TypeTotal fees for a single entry ($)Total fees for multiple entries ($)
Entry (Work)Free Free
Entry (Student)FreeFree
Entry (Spouse of Jamaican National) FreeFree
Entry (Permanent Residence)FreeFree

Reasons for Visa Denial/Rejection:

Your visa might be rejected or denied based on but not limited to the following reasons;

  • Provision of an invalid document.
  • Not enough funds for the speculated period of stay.
  • When the requirements by the transit country are not met.
  • If you cannot provide a valid certificate of vaccination or other proof of sound health when you are coming from areas affected by pandemic diseases determined by the Ministry of Health;
  • If he/she has an international criminal record.
  • If the authorities have any reason to believe he/she would exceed the number of days specified in the visa application form.

To avoid your visa being rejected you need to ensure that: 

  • Your visa application is properly and correctly filled.
  • You are providing only valid documents.
  • You have sufficient funds to sustain you throughout your period of stay.
  • You have not falsified any part of your document or certificate.

Jamaican Visa Application Centres and Embassies in India

AddressPhone numberFaxEmail

Jamaican Honorary Consulate General in New Delhi, India

Speedbird House
41/4, M-Block, Connaught Place
New Delhi 110001
(+91) 11 2341 7122
(+91) 11 2341 6172
(+91) 11 2341 6275

Frequently Asked Questions:

What should I avoid during my visa application interview?

During your interview ensure you have all your documents intact and correctly filled. Then, avoid arguing with the visa officer or being nervous as this might raise suspicion and result in denial of your visa.

In case of any missing document, what can I do to avoid my visa being rejected?

If you find out that a document is missing from the list of required documents, it is best that you try to obtain that document from the appropriate authority. Or you can file for the missing document to obtain an official letter stating the reason that particular document can’t be provided.

What should I be cautious of while visiting Jamaica?

Just like many countries, as a foreigner, you need to be cautious of crowded places because of swindlers and pickpockets. Ensure you have someone who knows the terrain with you at all times. 

What are the red flags to avoid when visiting Jamaica?

As a foreigner visiting Jamaica, one big mistake you can make is not engaging with the cultural heritage of the country. As most resort will advise you to stay indoors, you have to go out and engage with the natives so you can enjoy the beauty of Jamaica completely. Additionally, you should avoid homosexual jokes generally.

How is transportation in Jamaica?

Public transportation is quite different from the norm as most of the commercial vehicles are privately owned, therefore, you will have to make use of private cars a lot. However, the fully licensed ones have a red plate and it is recommended that you stick to them for your transportation needs. Additionally, you should be ready to be charged twice as much as the locals.

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