Oman Visa Information for Philippines Passport Holders, How to Apply & Travel Requirements

Oman | Oman visa information for Philippines

Oman is a country with delightful cities and tourist attractions such as Shatti Al Qurum, one of the longest beaches in Oman with shopping malls and restaurants that serve local and international cuisines located nearby, as well as many forts and castles such as Jibreen Castle, Al Hazam Fort and so many more.

Filipinos who want to travel to Oman will find all necessary information about visa application in this post.

Oman Visa Types, Processing Time & Duration

Visa TypeProcessing TimeDuration of Stay
Tourist Visa5 days10 days - 1 month
Business visa7 days3 months
Employment visa2 - 15 days3 months
Student visa7 daysVaries by study duration
Relative/Friend’s visit visa7 days3 months

General Requirements for an Oman Visa

  • An Oman visa application form
  • An international passport valid for at least 60 days after visa expiration
  • Original receipt of visa application fee payment
  • 2 coloured passports photographs with a white background
  • Proof of financial stability such as bank statements for the past 3 months or an affidavit of support
  • Travel insurance
  • Travel itinerary

Oman Tourist Visa

  • This visa is given to Filipinos who want to travel to Oman for tourism purposes
  • This visa permits only one entry
  • It is extendable

Oman Business Visa

  • This visa type is for Filipinos who want to travel to Oman for business purposes
  • To obtain this visa, applicants must provide an invitation letter from the proposed company in Oman.

Oman Employment Visa

  • This visa is issued to Filipinos who want to work in Oman
  • It permits multiple entries and is extendable
  • Only residents of Oman are eligible to be the employer of applicants
  • Applicants for this visa must be between the age of 21 – 60 years.
  • The personal information and profession of the applicant must be the same as mentioned in the labour permit issued by the Directorate General of Labor Affairs
  • This visa does not permit holder to take up any other job asides with the proposed Omani company
  • The passport photograph size of this visa 40×60 mm
  • Proof of work experience and qualification should be provided during the application
  • A letter from the employer stating details of the job should also be provided.

Oman Student Visa

  • This visa type is issued to Filipinos who want to study in Oman
  • Applicants are to provide admission letter from school during the application
  • Applicants are to provide medical certificates as demanded by the health ministry of Oman

Oman Relative/Friend Visit Visa

  • This visa is for Filipinos who have been invited over by a friend or family member who is an Oman resident citizen
  • It is extendable for 30 days on a single entry
  • It disallows any form of paid and unpaid work
  • Application and invitation letters are to be provided during the visa application

Oman Visa Fees

Visa TypeVisa Fee (OMR)
Tourist Visa5
Business visa20
Employment visa20
Student visa20
Relative/Friend’s visit visa20

Oman Visa Application Centre in the Philippines

LocationAddressPhone Number
Manila26/F NAC Tower Building
32nd St., Boniface Global
Taguig City
Metro Manila
(+63) 2 958 58 12
Makati2215 Paraiso Street
Dasmarinas Village
(+63) 2 822 21 41

Commonly Asked Questions about Oman Visa

How can I apply for my Oman visa online?

Application for Oman visa can be done online by visiting the country’s official website

Does my child need a separate visa to travel with me to Oman?

Yes. A separate visa application must be for the child. Visa application must be done for each individual in their own name.

How can I track my Oman visa application status?

The status of Oman visa application can be checked online

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