Hong Kong Visa Information for Pakistani Passport Holders, How to Apply & Travel Requirements

Hong Kong | Hong kong visa application for Pakistanis

Hong Kong, nicknamed Pearl of Orient is a special administration in the Southern region of the People’s Republic of China. It is a sovereign polity that is part of present-day China.

Hong Kong is the new land of promise that offers you every bit of happiness and where good memories are created.

Hong Kong Visa Types, Processing Time & Duration

Visit Visa4 weeks3 months
Work Visa4 weeksDetermined by employment contract
Study Visa6 weeksDetermined by course of study
Residential VisaNo specific processing time
24 months - 8 years

General Requirements for Hong Kong Visa

  • Valid international passport
  • Visa application form
  • A copy of a financial document, such as bank statement, salary slip etc.
  • Passport sized photograph
  • Travel itinerary

Hong Kong Visit Visa

  • Visit visa is for individuals who come into Hong Kong to attend a conference, business seminar, make business inquiries, visit a family or relative, for holidays or vacation amongst other types of visit.
  • If the sponsor is an organization or a firm, a photocopy of the business registration certificate is required.
  • Visit visa holders are not allowed to work, establish a business or study in Hong Kong.
  • This visa can be extended by applying for an extension of stay.
  • Application for extension of stay must be submitted at least 7 days before the current visa expires.
  • Application form for the extension of stay can be submitted in person or through a third party representation.

Hong Kong Student Visa

  • This visa is for students, ranging from a primary school level to undergraduate or postgraduate students and doctorate level, who wants to come to Hong Kong to study.
  • It is advisable that this visa should be processed when admission letter or letter of acceptance have been obtained from the school in Hong Kong
  • It allows applicants to come to Hong Kong along with there dependents (spouse, children)
  • For dependants application to be approved, applicants need to show proof of relationship.
  • A visa valid for 12 months is granted to dependants upon the final approval of their application and can be renewed after expiration
  • A student visa holder is not allowed to work or open a business.
  • In a situation whereby the applicant is below the age of 18, a parent consent form is needed as part of the necessary documentation.
  • An extension of stay can be applied for in a situation whereby the allotted stay has expired before the completion of the study.
  • Application of extension of stay must be submitted 4 weeks before the visa expires.

Hong Kong Work Visa

  • This visa is for individuals who want to work in any sector of the economy in Hong Kong
  • Individuals who want to apply for this visa type must have been offered employment already in Hong Kong.
  • This visa allows individuals to bring along their dependants to Hong Kong.
  • This visa is extendable
  • Application of extension of stay must be submitted 4 weeks before the visa expires.

Hong Kong Residential Visa

  • This visa is for individuals who are seeking residency in Hong Kong.
  • Applicants for this visa must be proficient in the use of either Chinese or English Language.
  • This visa is based on a quota system and a limited slot is available.
  • All applicant will be evaluated based on Two-Point-based test (General point test or the Achievement-based point test)
  • Applicants that are residing in Hong Kong already and want to apply for this visa will have to provide a consent letter issued by an employer
  • This visa is extendable
Hong Kong | Hong kong visa application for Pakistanis

Hong Kong Visa Fees

Visit Visa190
Student Visa190
Work Visa190
Residential Visa190

Hong Kong Visa Application Centres in Pakistan

KarachiPlot No. 20, Block 4 Clifton,
Karachi, Pakistan.
(+92) 21-3587 4266
(+92) 21-3587 4381

Commonly Asked Questions about Hong Kong Visa

Is English widely spoken in Hong Kong?

Yes, English is widely spoken in Hong Kong and is the language of preference in the government, business and tourism sectors.

Is there any sales tax in Hong Kong?

No. All goods, other than alcohol and tobacco, are tax-free. However, all retail businesses in Hong Kong will charge a minimum levy for each plastic shopping bag provided to customers in order to reduce waste.

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