Oman Visa Information for Indian Passport Holders, How to Apply & Travel Requirements

Oman | Oman visa information for Indians

Oman is a country that has an Arabian heritage, charming cities and fun and relaxing escapes in places such as the Al Baleed Resort in Salalah with its tropical gardens, beaches and lagoons.

Indians who have obtained an international passport and eligible for visa application will find all necessary information on how to apply for Oman visa in this post.

Oman Visa Types, Processing Time & Duration

Visa TypeProcessing TimeDuration of Stay
Tourist Visa5 days10 days - 1 month
Business visa7 days3 months
Employment visa2 - 15 days3 months
Student visa7 daysVaries by study duration
Relative/Friend’s visit visa7 days3 months

General Requirements for an Oman Visa

  • Duly filled Oman visa application form
  • An international passport valid for at least 60 days after the visa expiration
  • Proof of visa fee payment
  • 2 coloured passport photograph with a matt finish and white background
  • Travel itinerary
  • Bank statements, income tax return for the last 3 month to prove financial stability
  • Travel insurance

Oman Tourist Visa

  • This visa is for Indians looking to travel to Oman for the purpose of tourism
  • It is valid for 10 days but can be extended for a longer period.
  • This visa permits only one entry.

Oman Business Visa

  • This visa type is for Indians who want to travel to Oman for business purposes
  • In addition to the general requirements, applicants are to provide a letter of invitation from the intended company in Oman.

Oman Employment Visa

  • This visa is for people intending to work in Oman.
  • It permits multiple entries and can be extended
  • Applicants must be between the ages of 21 – 60 years
  • Employer of the applicants must be a resident of Oman
  • The personal information and profession of the visa applicant must be the same as mentioned in the labour permit issued by the Directorate General of Labor Affairs.
  • Applicants are not permitted to take up any other form of employment than the one used to apply
  • The passport photograph size of this visa 40×60 mm
  • In addition to general requirements,
    • A medical certificate is to be provided as demanded by the health ministry of Oman
    • Proof of work experience and qualifications in the applied field
    • A letter from the employer stating details of the job
    • Proof of business registration certificate will be requested for self-employed applicants.

Oman Student Visa

  • This visa is issued to Indians who want to study in Oman
  • This visa permits multiple entries and is extendable
  • The passport photograph size of this visa 40×60 mm
  • Applicants are to provide medical certificates as demanded by the health ministry of Oman

Oman Relative/Friend Visit Visa

  • This type of visa is given to people who have received an invitation from a friend or family member who is a resident citizen of Oman
  • This visa does not allow for paid or unpaid work of any kind
  • It is a single entry visa and extendable for 1 month
  • The passport photograph size of this visa 40×60 mm
  • Application and invitation letters are to be provided during the visa application

Oman Visa Fees

Visa TypeVisa Fee (OMR)
Tourist Visa5
Business visa20
Employment visa20
Student visa20
Relative/Friend’s visit visa20

Oman Visa Application Centre in India

LocationAddressPhone Number
New DelhiEP 10 & 11, Chandragupta Marg
New Delhi 110 021
(+91) 11-2688 5622
Mumbai112 Maker Chamber IV, 11th Floor
P O Box 11655
Nariman Point
Mumbai 400 021
(+91) 22 2287 6037

Commonly Asked Questions about Oman Visa

Can I enter Oman with my issued visa if the information on it does not match my travel document?

No. If the information does not match, the visa will be invalid. An application for a new one needs to be done providing accurate information.

Can I get a visa on arrival to Oman?

No. Oman visa on arrival is currently unavailable for Indians.

How can I track my Oman visa application status?

The status of Oman visa application can be checked online

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