Hong Kong Visa Information for Bangladeshi Passport Holders, How to Apply & Travel Requirements

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Hong Kong is an independent state with a land mass of 1,104 square kilometres located in southern China. It is part of modern-day China. Hong Kong is widely known as the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s of China.

Bangladeshi need a visa to get into Hong Kong. Below you will find the necessary information and step by step guidelines to obtain a Hong Kong visa of your choice.

Hong Kong Visa Types, Processing Time & Duration

Visit Visa4 weeks3 months
Work Visa4 weeksDetermined by employment contract
Study Visa6 weeksDetermined by course of study
Residential VisaNo specific processing time
24 months - 8 years

General Requirements for a Hong Kong Visa

  • Properly filled Hong Kong visa application form
  • International travel passport
  • Recent passport size coloured photograph
  • Travel itinerary
  • A copy of latest bank statement to prove that you ca cater for your stay in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Visit Visa

  • This visa is for people who want to enter Hong Kong for visitation purpose such as business, holiday etc.
  • The visa is not granted to anyone with a criminal record
  • This visa permits you to establish or conclude a business transaction, attend meetings, visit family members, and tour around Hong Kong
  • With this visa, you cannot establish a business, work, study in Hong Kong
  • Visit visa is extendable
  • Application of extension of stay must be submitted 4 weeks before your visa expires

Hong Kong Student Visa

  • This visa is exclusively for people who are entering Hong Kong to study at any institution
  • It allows you to come to Hong Kong along with your dependents (spouse, children)
  • To apply for this visa you will need to have an admission letter from a school in Hong Kong
  • A consent letter is required from the parents or guardians of applicants below the age of 18
  • This visa is extendable provided that you have not completed your study
  • Application of extension of stay must be submitted 4 weeks before your visa expires
  • Student visa holders are not permitted to take up any form of employment or start a business

Hong Kong Work Visa

  • This visa is issued to people who want to work as a professional in one expertise or the other in Hong Kong
  • A letter of employment is required to obtain this visa
  • This visa is extendable
  • Application of extension of stay must be submitted 4 weeks before your visa expires

Hong Kong Residential Visa

  • This visa is for those who seek residency in Hong Kong
  • Applicants need to under a point-based test
  • There are two types of point-based test: General Point Test and Achievement based Point Test
  • Residential visa is based on the quota system.
  • There is a limited slot available. The best after elimination would be invited for an interview in Hong Kong
  • This visa permits you to bring your dependents as long as you can sponsor them
  • This visa is extendable.
Street of Hong kong | Hong kong visa application for Bangladeshis

Hong Kong Visa Fees

Visit Visa190
Student Visa190
Work Visa190
Residential Visa190

Hong Kong Visa Application Centres in Bangladesh

DhakaPlot 2 and 4, Road no 3, Block-1
Baridara, Dhaka. Bangladesh
+(880) 2 986 2988
+(880) 2 986 0103

Commonly Asked Questions about Hong Kong Visas

Can I apply for employment visa in Hong Kong after I have completed my studies?

Individuals who have obtained an undergraduate or higher qualification in a full-time and locally accredited local programme in Hong Kong can apply for staying/returning and working visa in Hong Kong.

Can I apply for a working visa when visiting Hong Kong?

Yes. Visitors are not allowed to work until when the application has been approved and visa has been received.

Where can an applicant submit application for an extension of stay?

Application for an extension of stay can be submitted at the immigration office or visa application centres.

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